Hiring a professional Private Driving Instructor

At the point of penning this (December 2014), I’ve just cleared my Final Theory Test last month and I am schedule to get my Class 3 license (Manual) the coming year (January 2015). When taking your Singapore driving license, you can hire a private driving instructor for your practical tests at the same time while studying for your basic theory test and final theory test. Check out the Traffic Police Singapore website for other details.

The process is actually comparatively simple, and I spent a lot of time researching to figure outprivate driving instructor
1. What driving license should I take?
2. The most economically (not cheapest but
value for money) option to get my Singapore driving license
What you need to avoid in doing so
4. Changing
of various private instructors (not all were good) until I settled for a great one.

And oh boy,
if you don’t simply want to throw money (more costly) with the driving school, You should try the path I have taken.

For this website, I look forward to sharing my experience with you and I hope your journey will be
far simpler in comparison with what I went through. We aim to deliver the best match for you in looking for your private driving instructor and elearning support for your Basic Theory Test (BTT) and Final Theory Test (FTT).

Passing your Basic Theory Test is your first step in obtaining your driving license in Singapore. In Singapore, you can take your driving lessons in any of the driving centres here: Bukit Batok driving centre, Comfort driving centre (ubi driving centre) and Woodlands driving centre.

we’re talking about motor cars Class 3 / 3A / 3C / 3CA.
Note: Class 3C / Class 3CA are new licenses issued by the Traffic Police effective 1st June 2015.

In order to make things simpler, despite any kind of Class 3 you will need to clear your Basic Theory Test and Final Theory Test thought your Practical Driving Test differs with regards to the requirements of the type of Class 3 license you’re taking.

Whether you’re opting for Manual or Auto (Class 3 / 3A / 3C / 3CA licenses), the Basic Theory Test (Exam) is held in various driving schools.

You are able to enroll as a school student for your basic theory test at CDC even though you wish to work with private driving instructors later. In fact we suggest you to enroll with the school while you are getting ready for your Basic Theory Test.

As a student, you’ll be able to take more mock (simulated) basic theory test tests 2-3 hours before the actual exam. It’s going to greatly help you in clearing your Basic Theory Test.

Taking Your Driving Lessons in Singapore for your Traffic Police Driving License Test
Generally speaking your driving lessons (from beginning to end) consist of both theoretical and practical lessons.
The sequence of your driving lessons are as (in order):

1. Basic Theory Lessons (theoretical)
You are able to really study from home at your own comfort you can also attend the lessons taught in various driving schools. In fact, the Basic Theory Test is based on the basic concepts of driving and learning the various road signs and traffic regulation. Basically rote learning (memorization) in my personal opinion.

2. Final Theory Lessons (theoretical)
Also known “Advance Theory Test”, you can too attend final theory driving lessons if you’d like to and like the Basic Theory Tests, we think it is sufficient to study at your own pace.

3. Practical Driving Lessons (practical)
Unlike the theoretical nature above, you are required to either
sign up for a driving school for your school driving lessons or engage a private driving instructor for your private driving lessons.